Naruyami Yuki
aka yvz38

Games developed by me with Unity & else

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all released games are listed below. The order is random - not chronological

Language: German (But you don't have to read that much)
Genre: First-Person-Non-Shooter-Horror
Playtime: 15 - 30 min.
Features: Singleplayer, Loadable Chapters, adjustable 3D-Grafics, the usual horror setting, Eastereggs/ Cheats/ ...
Status: RC (Realease Candidate)

Mind Gap - Trailer & Screenshots



Language: English
Gengre: 2D Jump' n' Shooter
Spielzeit/ Playtime: N/A
Features: 2D-Pixel-Grafics, Minecraft-Style, Zombies, Bugs
Status: dev. Build
Note: This was my first game ever, so.. don't expect too much


Ize Cube

Browser Live Demo available [NEW VERSION]

Language: English
Gengre: 2,5D Jump'n'Shooter
Playtime: unlimited
Features: 2,5D Grafics, special SFX, 3 adjustable Difficulties (camera-perspective)
Status: Alpha-Phase


Browser Live Demo available!

Language: English
Gengre: 3D First-Person-Puzzle-Game
Playtime: unlimited
Features: good 3D-Grafics, easy controls, simlpe game target, be creative!
Status: Beta-Phase